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Building Options

Yoder Engineered Structures Inc. has the ability to incorporate a variety of products to help with the aesthetic curb appeal of your new building. From custom window sizes to custom doors, we can fit most design aspects that customers want to integrate into each project. Many of our custom homes have specific brand name requests when it comes to windows, and we will either purchase the products for you, or we can install your purchased products. 

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3x3 Single-Hung Window


This is our most common window and is used in a variety of applications. As a single hung unit, the lower portion opens is and operated vertically to allow for a window unit air conditioner to be installed if needed. One of the advantages to using this style of window in a workshop is the bottom track stays cleaner and doesn’t fill with debris and dirt that can prevent windows from sliding.

3x2 Slider Window


Slider windows are more economically priced and are generally used when the windows are not expected to be opened frequently. Shutters add a very nice touch to this design to enhance the look of a building.


3' Solid Door


This 6 Panel entry door features a solid steel frame and rubber sweeps on all sides to prevent water and dust infiltration. A keyed entry knob is added to all doors for theft prevention.

9-Light Entry Door


This door has the same features as a solid door but has glass with divider grills giving you the ability to see who is at the door.

Dutch Door


These heavy duty 16 gauge doors are generally used in horse stalls because of their durability and quality. Featuring powder coating instead of paint, they have been designed and constructed with horse safety in mind. Or they can be used just for the crossbuck look when so desired. 

Split Slider Door


Featuring a full 5” frame and heavy duty rollers on round track, these doors are designed to withstand those fierce winds that frequent this area. Available in a sizes up to 40’x20’ these doors allow for a large opening to be installed in your building at an economical price. One side can be opened for smaller items to pass through if needed.

Single Slider Door


A Single slide door is a very economical way to create a large opening in the side or end of your new building. With 5” frames and heavy duty rollers they are constructed to last.



These doors are custom ordered for each specific job and come pre-assembled except for the steel skin. These doors can allow an opening that is almost the size of the entire end of a building. A true 1 piece door that opens hydraulically.  Our Powerlift doors are manufactured locally here in Newton KS. All doors come with an automatic opener installed.

Overhead/Garage Doors


Garage doors are generally the best option to add an opening to your new building. They come in a variety of styles and designs, and have openers available for installation when requested.



Color Chart


We offer a great selection of colors to accommodate your needs.

Please view our color selection here: Color Chart

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